“To look at each of these pieces is like starting a journey toward our own
inner world which cannot be accomplished in our daily life. Each of
Sakino’s artwork is a view into that union of the human being and his
surroundings. We are nature, and our interaction with nature’s influences
reveals the quality of our life. It influences those who live in a
particular time and those who will come afterwards.

This could be the premise found in each of his pieces: human beings are
nature, axis of the world, just as the Mayas used to conceive the Universe.
Homo sapiens are the only species to evolve and find the key to realizing
their own nature and the nature that surrounds them. In that evolutionary
journey, mankind designed maps, invented languages…all paths followed by
other human beings. In present time, we live in a world where nature is
menaced, reduced, and threatened with extinction. We humans do not recognize
ourselves as part of nature anymore. Mankind lives inside artificial
structures, consuming lifestyles where wildlife can be seen only on television,
in books or on calendars. Nature is considered a souvenir of our planet,
that appears far from our sight.

Human beings are symbiotic. When they forgot their own essence, they kill
their own journey-mates along the way. It seems that the man of the future will
follow the tragic destiny of those ejected from paradise: they will sweat
to evolve artificially, in this way they will give birth post-human
beings with pain.

But now we stand in front of these images, Sakino’s art is made
possible by inspiration and the combination of oil colors, hair, ostrich eggs, wood,
glass and bread. This artistic exploration reminds me my animal heritage, in
spite of the daily shower, the processed food I eat and my own capsule vehicle,
which seem to reflect the opposite. How lucky I am to look at the paintings Sakino offers us. Our nature can be touched and dreamed of because we
are all made of flesh, bones, nerves and spirit. His art reveals the “nerves” for
those who want to look at them and get connected to their own sensitivity. 

Have a nice trip!” 

Raymundo Mendez Canseco (Writer and scientist).